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Hi, I’m David Delisle, author of Amazon bestseller, The Golden Quest and founder of The Awesome Stuff™. I am an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and – most importantly – a dad. I’m a Vancouver Island native, and currently reside in Victoria, B.C.

When I was 11, I made my first investment and by age 20 I had begun investing in real estate. Learning the power of compound growth at such a young age enabled me to quickly become a self-proclaimed finance nerd and semi-retired by age 40.

When I realized that I wanted to pass my knowledge on to my two young sons, I began compiling notes into what would eventually become a graphic novel called The Golden Quest, which was published in 2022.

The book is centered around seemingly simple concepts (young children grasp these concepts with ease) that hold the power to transform your mindset and everyday habits. My goal is to offer us a new way to think about money by noticing the weight of our words, choices, actions and the world around us.

I love to teach kids (and adults) how to live a richer life and create the freedom for what is most important to them… the Awesome Stuff™.

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David Delisle, Author of the Golden Quest, speaker


  • The Awesome Stuff and why it matters
  • Give and you’ll have more
  • How to talk to your kids about money
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